Rural Co-operatives

Cooperatives are a common solution for rural producers to pool their resources to take on big industry. And the benefits for rural communities are immense as I've written about previously READ MORE

However, a couple of more recent conversations are worthy of bringing to your attention hence this new blog.

The first is a field trip I undertook in Ford County a couple of weeks ago with Joann Knight, Executive Director of Dodge City & Ford County Development Corporation.  The scale is truly immense in this major cattle processing region along with the new emerging wind energy industry.

The second is the recent Farming Together Conference I attended in Adelaide during May 2017 where a new (and free) tool was launched to assist groups to develop a cooperative.  ACCESS TOOL

There is no doubt that rural industries and communities working together with a good business plan can be very lucrative.

KERRY ANDERSON: Author of ‘Entrepreneurship: It’s Everybody’s Business,’ Kerry works with small businesses and rural communities to help them embrace new opportunities. She is also an expert adviser for the Farming Together Pilot Program. READ MORE