From the Operation Next Gen Program to speaking engagements and workshop facilitation, here is what people say about Kerry’s work.

What stands out for me is Kerry’s passion for creating growth and innovation in regional communities. She recognises that one of the ways to get this to happen is to connect smart and engaged people and assist them to collaborate and think differently about solutions then get out of their way.
— Paul Higgins, Emergent Futures
Kerry kept her audience captivated with real life examples and case studies of innovating approaches being taken by people in regional and rural communities. Her underlying message of shifting the focus from job seeking to job creation really resonated with those present, particularly younger people. Her passion for regional and rural communities shone through and was demonstrated by how generous she was with her time, both before and after her formal address. Once again, thank you for your very worthwhile workshops.
— Peter Veneris, General Manager, Lockhart Shire Council
Kerry facilitated and drafted the Irrigated Cropping Council’s strategic plan. Her leadership of the meeting ensured all participants where able to voice their thoughts and opinions that led to consensus despite the differing starting view points and risk appetites within the board. At the end of the session the board were unified in a forward looking direction and left the session positive about the experience and what had been achieved.
— Dr. Charlotte Aves, Executive Officer, Irrigated Cropping Council
Kerry’s professionalism has been a real feature of all her interactions with the Buloke Shire Council. We believe that we have been able to address some significant issues for small rural communities through the projects that Kerry has been involved in here in Buloke.
— Mark Remnant, Community Development Officer, Buloke Shire Council
Kerry was a delight to work with and easy to get along with. It is difficult to meet everyone’s needs at all levels in the one (strategic grant seeking) workshop however Kerry manages to target the participants at their level and encourage their input. Thank you Kerry for sharing your knowledge.
— Karen Brisbane, Landcare Corporate Partnership Facilitator
Kerry brought new creative techniques and fantastic speakers to The ABC of Technology professional development day for teachers. Using online survey tools and skype for some of the speakers was really inspirational.
— Ben Robins, Program Manager, Bendigo Tertiary Education Partnership
I have been a presenter for years and evaluate trainers - Kerry was great!
— Workshop participant

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