#1 Valuing our Entrepreneurs

What are the attributes of an entrepreneur?  Am I one or is someone I know? It could even be a student in my class? Why are they so important?

#2 Overcoming Start Up Barriers

Got a great business idea but the challenges seem overwhelming?  Maybe its not as hard as you think?  Some simple tips to make the impossible seem possible.

#3 Buying a Business

Start Ups are a great way to get into business but they aren’t the only way according to Michael Kerr from Kerr Capital. Why not buy a small to medium sized business? 

#4 Digital Era

Can your rural business afford not to be on the internet?  Elise Brown from Fair Dinkum Dog Coats will explain how she transformed her wholesale business into an online retail platform.

#5 Collaboration & Coops

Why is collaboration essential in a rural town?  How can a group of people collaborate to make a business a reality as did the award winning Bakery on Broadway from Wycheproof?

#6 Entrepreneurial Eco-Systems

How can we create a collaborative culture where entrepreneurs are valued, nurtured and supported? Sonia Wright from Cohuna explains how her community embraced Operation Next Gen.

#7 Wrap Up & Q&A

Wrapping up 7 days of free webinars tailored especially tailored for rural Australia to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017.  We recap what we've discussed and answer your questions.


Bonus Webinar: Award Winning Nomination Tips


What’s Next?

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