Operation Next Gen makes its mark

Measuring long term impact can sometimes be tricky but if you keep your eyes open it can also be obvious.  WIN TV recently reported on a tourism boom in Cohuna citing massive growth over a four year period. It was no coincidence that Operation Next Gen Cohuna was launched four years ago.  Congratulations to the ambassadors for their great work in establishing the #GetYourBacksideCreekside campaign.


READ MORE about Operation Next Gen Program that works with rural towns wishing to take control of their own destiny.

Rural Towns Fighting Back

As momentum gathers towards a second edition of my book being published, I am currently writing a new series of articles entitled Rural Towns Fighting Back. There has been a massive response to the first two case studies featuring Manning and Lamoni in Iowa.  I look forward to sharing many more case studies of enterprising rural towns here in Australia and overseas.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.  MANNING ARTICLE   LAMONI ARTICLE

Australian Regional Development Conference

As one of the nine keynote speakers I am looking forward to sharing with delegates why building an entrepreneurial eco-system is essential for every Australian town and city.   The event is being held in Coff's Harbour from 11-12 September, 2017


At some point in time every regional city or rural town faces major change. In a world that is rapidly changing some traditional industries are no longer competitive in a global market and, as connectivity improves, services that used to be provided by employees of large corporations are now being contracted to freelancers.  An ageing population is also stressing an economy that desperately needs more business creation.

Change is good.  The trick is to anticipate that change and explore alternatives well before it happens.  And to keep your town strong and vibrant, it means the whole community has to work together.

Now has never been a better time for rural and regional communities to start thinking of entrepreneurship and self-employment as a mainstream option. It is a simple matter of changing the conversation from job seeking to job creation and asking ‘what can we do?’ as opposed to what the government should be doing for us.

Developing an entrepreneurial eco-system doesn’t happen overnight and requires a whole of community approach.  Business and community leaders need to work together with educators on a long term strategic approach.

Establishing if a community is ready to successfully take on this challenge is the very first step.  The future is all about being agile and adaptable.  Is your community willing to look at existing landscapes with fresh eyes in the age of the digital revolution?

Sharing examples from the successful Operation Next Gen Program and other initiatives from the inaugural E*Ship 2017 Summit held in the United States; author of ‘Entrepreneurship: It’s Everybody’s Business’, Kerry Anderson will explain how communities can capitalise on the era of the entrepreneur and create new opportunities in rural and regional Australia.