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Rural Business Tips


“ANY time you see a problem to be solved or an opportunity to be taken is a GOOD time to get started in business.“
- Kerry Anderson

“Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. Use free online resources like Facebook and Gumtnee to their full potential.“
- Elise Brown

“Simply copying what other really successful businesses in this industry have done has worked well for me.“
- Dale Hansford, Maine Fitness

“Get the right backers (family and local business people) and they will help you learn and experiment.“
- Travis Howard, Cohuna

“Pre-sell memberships at a discounted rate to generate cash flow before opening.“
- Edward and Dale, Maine Fitness

“It’s very useful to ask your customers how they found you. Sometimes the most expensive advertising is the least effective.“
- Sam Murphy, Sam’s Teknical Help

“You’ve got to be disciplined and have a good eye for detail to build up your reputation.“
- Josh Pellegrino, Wycheproof

“Whatever you do, Do it well, and do it with your whole heart.“
- Bek Sherlock, ProRock Dance School

“Good people skills are essential. Look after your customers.“
- Kane Arnold, Arnold Family Butchers

“Take the time to get your marketing right (Purpose, Design, Relevance) then build a swimming hole to bring people to you (LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, Forums).“
- Robert Gerish

“Think big! It takes just as much energy to play a small game as it does a big game.“
- Naomi Simson, Red Balloon

“Customer Relationship Management software helped me with my book work and marketing strategies.“
- Sam Murphy, Sam’s Teknical Help

“If you don’t make it for yourself, no one else is going to do it for you.“
- Simon & Kym Priest, Campers Comfort

“Internet sales can take you everwhere.“
- Simon & Kym Priest, Campers Comfort


The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online business - great advice from Marcus Taylor courtesy of Foundr Magazine

Business Templates and Tips

Business Victoria provides a great website with tips and templates for you to use.

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