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Our rural towns are rapidly changing. Some are growing and diversifying; others are struggling with population decline and seeking more effective ways to embrace positive change.  A long term strategic and collaborative community approach with a focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, youth and philanthropy is proven to have far reaching benefits in reinvigorating rural communities. 

Is your rural community ready to take control of its own destiny? 

Who will be the next Operation Next Gen town?

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Inspiration to work collaboratively

Let's start with a presentation to inspire your community and help them to understand the benefits of working collaboratively and strategically with clearly identified long term goals.

Community Workshops

Serious about taking control of your own destiny?  Workshops will help guide your community ambassadors as they identify their goals and put their plans into action.  Valuable tools will enable the conversation to be taken out into the wider community.

1 - 2 Year Support Program

Monthly sessions will keep the conversation on track with ongoing mentoring and access to valuable resources and networks to help achieve your community goals. 

What is the cost to your community of each young person that is forced to leave or be supported long term on unemployment benefits?  A bargain by comparison, a fully facilitated 12 month Operation Next Gen Program is a long term investment of $25,000.  With well scoped out needs and strong community support demonstrated (including the local Commerce / Progress Association and schools) there is the opportunity to access funding partners which will be explored further with you.  If this is important to you, then we can help make it happen.

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