3 Reasons to enter an Award


WHEN I was asked to organise the first ever Business Awards event for my local shire, I wasn’t exactly thrilled.  In typical Aussie self-depreciating tradition, I personally viewed people who entered awards as attention seeking.  How wrong I could be!

As I cajoled various business people to enter, even turning up in their lunch breaks and letting them dictate answers to me, I started to discover what great achievements they had to share.  It was truly inspirational and except for the awards I would never have known.

Then, as we brought in independent judges from surrounding business communities, we were suddenly generating new business through the judging process alone.  On top of that, imagine how awesome having your photo in the local paper and vision shown on television if named a finalist.

And, looking around at all the happy smiling faces on the night of the awards dinner, I suddenly realised that this was the one moment in their busy year that they took time out to celebrate those achievements with their family and employees.  Just being nominated or named a finalist was more than enough.

Although still not enamoured with the paper work, many grudgingly admitted that it had been a useful exercise to reflect on how far they had come and how it had actually generated some new thinking about their future.

Eating humble pie I went on to organise many more award events in Central Victoria and eventually moved into the voluntary role of judge which I enjoy enormously.  What a privilege to learn about all the innovation taking place in rural Victoria.  Except for awards, these would be untold stories.

And, yes I’ve also nominated the odd person, business and organisation (or two) for an award.  It took a bit of persuasion by me, and some valuable time and effort for them to put their entry together, but here is how I sold it to them.

Quite simply, entering an award is an opportunity to:

1# Acknowledge your and the team’s hard work

2# Reflect on your achievements and think about the future

3# Receive some valuable (and free) publicity for your not-for-profit, business or career

And, if you are lucky enough to win or even be a finalist, you have a valuable marketing tool that can be used to give you a competitive edge.

FREE WEBINAR: How to make a winning nomination

7.00 – 8.00pm Tuesday 28 June, 2016 Melbourne time.

Using the current Victorian Regional Achievement & Community Awards as a case study, please join me for some practical tips on how to make a winning nomination.  A link will be provided by email to those who request it. All that you need is access to a computer or smart device with internet and sound.

KERRY ANDERSON:  A businesswoman, philanthropist and community advocate from Central Victoria, Kerry Anderson is passionate about rural and regional Australia.  She works with small businesses and rural communities to help them embrace opportunities.