Lifelong Customer

How I saved $1,399 and a business gained free advertising and a lifelong customer.

WITH Boxing Day and New Year sale signs bouncing off every satellite beaming down to earth, it made perfect sense to upgrade my laptop this week, or so I thought.

If I’d been a technology expert I could have simply ordered online or walked in and out of the store without any conversation.  But I’m not.  I like to see first-hand what I’m buying and also need to talk it through to make sure my logic is correct.  After all I’m the one who will be using it every day for my work and lugging it from airport to airport which makes things like weight very important to me.

So, I took myself off to my nearest specialist store this week and I was ready to spend top dollar.  So that I could make visual comparisons, I also brought along my old laptop that had been purchased from this same store two or three years earlier in my first positive experience with them.

“Why do you need a new one?” was the young sale assistant’s first question eyeing my current laptop.

Storage issues was my prompt reply as I’d been struggling with memory (the laptop in particular). Apart from that I love my laptop.

To cut a long story short this lovely young sales assistant went on to explain how I could clean up my laptop and alternate storage options.  He even logged on and showed me how.

“Yes the new model has double the memory but you really don’t need it” was his conclusion.

I walked out of that store with $1,399 still in my bank account and every intention of returning there again when I really do need a new laptop or anything else computer related.  I will also be telling everyone in my region that Centre Com Bendigo has great customer service as I do for a number of other local businesses that give great service and have earnt my trust.

This is exactly how a business wins lifelong customers and generates free word of mouth advertising.