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Field and Factory in Cohuna

Field and Factory in Cohuna

Shopping local is great but shopping rural is even better this holiday period according to rural business advocate Kerry Anderson.

“Every dollar spent in a rural town has a multiplier effect and helps keep businesses alive and retain jobs for rural people,” says Kerry, author of Entrepreneurship: It’s Everybody’s Business.

Having just returned from a business trip across rural Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, Kerry was delighted to pick up a number of unique gifts in preparation for Christmas and says she was pleasantly surprised where she found them.

“Rural businesses have had to diversify to survive and you will find gifts being sold in conjunction with newsagents, posts offices, and even cafes and butchers,” she explained.  “Spend a day in the country browsing shop to shop and town to town and know that you are making a big difference to these rural communities.”

For those who are unable to find an excuse to spend a pleasant day out in the country, the internet is also an option with some rural based businesses selling specialist products online.

“Check out the ‘about’ or ‘contact’ section on a website to see where they are located,” advises Kerry.  “Fantastic products; everything from teddy bears to soaps and dog coats are being made in rural locations by rural people.  And don't forget a voucher for a service as another option," she adds. "Anything from a massage to computer assistance can be a welcome gift."

No matter where you live, your wisely spent dollars can have maximum impact this holiday period and help rural communities to retain jobs and services.

KERRY ANDERSON:  A businesswoman, author, and community advocate from Central Victoria, Kerry is passionate about rural and regional Australia.  She works with small businesses and rural communities to help them embrace new opportunities. READ MORE

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