What Is Kickstart?

Kickstart is an introduction to the highly acclaimed Operation Next Gen Program.

Over a period of two or five days, community leaders, business owners, emerging entrepreneurs, and youth are empowered through a series of interactive discussions and workshops to look at existing landscapes with fresh eyes, embrace positive change in a rapidly changing world, and understand the value of entrepreneurs to our future.

Features & Benefits:

Inspiring events, facilitated by Kerry, supported by ongoing mentoring over a 12 month period;
a Kickstart investment will bring multiple benefits well into the future:

  • Community Reinvigoration

  • Business Innovation

  • Next Gen Inspiration - for students and teachers

Communities, businesses and youth will be encouraged to look at existing landscapes with fresh eyes.

Kickstart Programs:

Level 1 Kickstart Program:

To inspire your rural community with a keynote and workshop on your chosen topic over two days.

A typical Tier 1 Kickstart Program may look like this:

  • 1 hour Keynote for community leaders

  • 3 hour Workshop for existing businesses to explore new opportunities

  • 1 Hour Workshop to discover if you have what it takes to be successful and how to overcome start up barriers (all ages)

$5,000 + travel & accommodation

Level 2 Kickstart Program:

To kickstart your rural community’s future with three facilitated events in the same week and ongoing mentoring over a 12 month period.

A typical level 2 Kickstart Program may look like this:

  • Everything from Level 1 over five consecutive days, PLUS

  • Additional Keynote, Workshop, or Facilitated Discussion

  • Two 1 hour school presentations for youth and teachers

  • Interviews with two innovative and rural orientated businesses for inclusion in Kerry’s blog and valuable publicity for your community

  • Access to Kerry for ongoing mentoring and advice over a 12 month period

$10,000 + travel & accommodation

Operation Next Gen:

Take control of your rural community’s future through a fully facilitated Operation Next Gen Program including quarterly events and ongoing mentoring over a 12 month period.

A typical level Operation Next Gen Process over a one year period may look like this:

  • COMMUNITY BRIEFING: To establish sufficient interest and commitment to proceed

  • ADVISORY COMMITTEE: of key stakeholders established. Agreement signed with facilitator

  • 10 AMBASSADORS: identified and approached to lead the community conversation

  • YOUTH SURVEY: conducted to define perceptions & key issues relating to youth

  • OPENING EVENT: Ambassadors come together to learn about Operation Next Gen and decide how they want to drive their conversation

  • QUARTERLY: Facilitated workshops and discussions with Ambassadors

  • MONTHLY: Check in between Facilitator and Ambassadors with additional support provided as required.

  • BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Program delivered through the local Secondary School

  • FINAL EVENT: Ambassadors to present to community the outcomes of their discussions and long-term ideas for the future

  • REPORT: Back to Advisory Committee and Key Stakeholders on outcomes

$25,000 + travel & accommodation

Why choose Kerry?

Named in 2018 as one of Australia’s Top 50 Country Agents-for-Change, and winner of the inaugural Regional Innovation Ecosystem Leader Award, Kerry has been described as engaging, authentic and relevant when it comes to inspiring businesses and community to embrace change and work collaboratively towards a brighter future.


“Kerry kept her audience captivated with real life examples and case studies of innovating approaches being taken my people in regional and rural communities.”

“Her underlying message of shifting the focus from job seeking to job creation really resonated with those present, particularly younger people.“

“Her Passion for regional and rural communities shone through and was demonstrated by how generous she was with her time, both before and after her formal address.“

Ready To Get Started?

Simply click the button below to contact Kerry for a no-obligation discussion about how a Kickstart program can help your rural community. Alternatively, you can also reach Kerry on:

M: 0418 553 719
E: info(at)kerryanderson(dot)com(dot)au

Enquiries about one-off keynote addresses and workshops are also welcome!

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