Professional Development for Educators

Maximising a Digital Classroom with Tim Gentle from Think Digital (1 hour Video)


Why are careers such as coding, data, collaboration and drones important to the region? with Paul Higgins from Emergent Futures (1 hour Video)


Be Your Own Boss Program

Tailored to suit your school curriculum and local community. Delivered in-class or training for teachers available.

Class Activity

Class Activity - A fun session combining video clips, class discussion and a brief survey.  DOWNLOAD

Take this simple Survey - not everyone is an entrepreneur but you may still have good business attributes.  DOWNLOAD SURVEY

How can we collaborate?

Be Your Own Boss Program - either facilitate at your school or train teachers to do themselves.

Marketing - develop a smart and cost effective plan for your school to implement including social media.

Mentoring - one on one mentoring to help grow your school networks and get better results for students.

Presentations - to teacher groups and parent associations to introduce new ways of thinking.